Homicide Investigators of Texas, Inc. 
"In God we trust, all others are suspect!"
The Homicide Investigators of Texas is an organization composed of City, County, State and Federal Police Officers, as well as Forensic professionals and Prosecutors in and around the State of Texas actively involved in Homicide investigations. This association of professionals has been organized to work collectedly to bring murderers to Justice, as well as provide continuing education to those involved in the investigation and prosecution of the most severe crime against Humanity, that being the murder of another person. 
Homicide Investigators of Texas Annual Conference
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Homicide Investigators of Texas, Inc.
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Greetings to all. I am very excited about our upcoming conference that will take place March 28-31, 2022 at the Drury Plaza Hotel on the San Antonio Riverwalk. As everyone is aware of all the challenges that we and everyone else have faced over the last couple of years we are more than ready to come together again at the 2022 annual HIT Conference. The Board and Training Coordinator have worked diligently to put together a lineup of speakers that will make this 2022 Conference one of the best. So check out the list of speakers (www.Hitx.org) under the speakers tab, pass the information on to other agencies, and reserve your slot for the 2022 HIT Conference. God bless each of you and we look forward to seeing each of you in March.

Troy Fuller, HIT President

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