The concept of Homicide Investigators of Texas, Inc. (H.I.T.) originated in June 1985 by Leland K. Wood, who   was at that time was the Program Director of the Texas Crime Prevention Institute, and Sergeant Dwain   Johnson, Homicide Division, El Paso Police Department.

 There was no association in Texas specifically for Homicide Investigators at this time.  Leland and Dwain both   agreed that there was an immediate need for such an organization, and the two of them pooled their resources   to develop a Homicide Investigators Association.  The H.I.T. Articles of Incorporation were signed, and H.I.T.   was established and recognized by the State of Texas on September 22, 1986.  The original Board of Directors   consisted of the following individuals:

Dwain Johnson 
Leland Wood 
Juan Gonzalez 

No Greater honor will ever be bestowed on you as a Police Officer or a more profound duty imposed on you than when you  are entrusted with the investigation of the death of a human being.  It is the moral duty and, as an Officer entrusted with such a duty, it is incumbent upon you to follow the course of events and the facts as they develop to their ultimate conclusion.  It is a heavy responsibility.  As such, let no person deter you from the truth or your personal conviction to see that justice is done, not only for the deceased, but for the surviving family as well.

 For over 30 years, the Homicide Investigators of Texas has been dedicated to providing the critical training -   right here in Texas - which both new and seasoned investigators need. 

 Agencies may change leadership, personnel may change agencies or positions, investigators retire and new   detectives take on that assignment.  You know it is essential for all homicide investigators to learn of new   investigative techniques, strategies, forensic capabilities and changes in laws. Our annual four-day (24 hour),   training conferences are the cornerstone of the Homicide Investigators of Texas Association (HIT).   Investigators, medical examiners, coroners and all those involved in death investigations, nationwide are   welcome!

 We will continue to have Instructors from across the country - with years of investigative and legal experience -   provide information on the many issues involved in death investigation. In addition, attendees will have the   opportunity for discussions with the instructors; be able to have Case Exchanges and essential networking with   other agencies.

Here are just a few topics previously discussed through the years:

•Preservation of Scene & Evidence 
•DNA sources, size, degradation, time and testing
•Sex Related Homicides
•Grave Site Excavations 
•Advanced Interview and Interrogation Techniques
•Crime Scene Reconstruction & Blood Stain Analysis
•Cold Case Investigations
•Forensic Pathology
•Case & Legal Preparation in Homicide Cases 

The Homicide Investigators of Texas is an organization composed of City, County, State and Federal Police Officers, as well as Forensic professionals and Prosecutors in and around the State of Texas actively involved in Homicide investigations. This association of professionals has been organized to work collectedly to bring murderers to Justice, as well as provide continuing education to those involved in the investigation and prosecution of the most severe crime against Humanity, that being the murder of another person.

The original goal remains to provide the following services to Homicide Investigators serving Texas and its neighboring states:

 Quality Training designed specifically for members who investigate any questionable death. 
 An opportunity for Investigators from different Agencies to exchange information on cases and discuss similarities. A network of contacts with Investigators from many agencies. Enhancement of new Investigator's skills through association with seasoned Investigators